Vexels Review 2024: Make Money [$1000+] with Merch Design & Vector Art

Vexels Review

Unlock the full potential of your creative projects with Vexels in 2024: Access over 1 million designs, specialized tools, and flexible licensing at unbeatable prices. Transform ideas into profit now!

Key Takeaways
  • Comprehensive Design Library: Access over 1 million designs and templates.
  • Specialized Tools: Enhancements like the T-Shirt Maker and Mockup Generator boost creativity.
  • Affordable Pricing: Various subscription plans, including lifetime access.
  • Flexible Licensing: Extended licenses available for wide commercial use.
  • Responsive Support: Quick help via email and live chat.
  • Unique Offerings: Custom design requests meet specific needs.

In this no-fluff, down-and-dirty Vexels review, I’ll be giving you an insider’s guide to:

By the end, you’ll have the no-BS intel you need to fully tap into Vexels’ profit potential in 2024 and turn this unsung hero of a resource into cold hard cash. 💰

Let’s get started!

What is Vexels?

Vexels is an online graphic design platform that offers over 1 million curated designs, templates, and tools like T-Shirt Maker and Mockup Generator.

It is designed for merchandise sellers, print-on-demand businesses, and creatives, providing easy access to high-quality designs for various platforms including Merch by Amazon and Etsy.

Subscriptions grant unlimited access and extensive licensing for broad commercial use.

Subscriptions provide unlimited access to this vast design library, along with licensing flexibility for commercial use, ensuring designs can be utilized across various platforms such as Merch by Amazon, Etsy, and more.

Founded in 2014, Vexels is an online graphic design platform catering specifically to merchandise sellers, print-on-demand businesses, and creatives looking for design resources.

With a massive library of over 1 million curated graphic designs and templates, Vexels aims to make quality design more accessible.

Vexels offers ready-made graphics, templates, mockups, and design tools to help users quickly create unique print-on-demand products, t-shirt designs, book covers, and more.

The platform is home to a diverse range of design elements including:

  • Vector art: Scalable vector graphics that can be resized without loss of quality. Ideal for print-on-demand products.
  • PSD templates: Easy to customize and edit Photoshop templates for t-shirt designs, social media posts, etc.
  • Mockups: Professionally designed mockups to showcase designs on apparel, mugs, posters, and other products.
  • Logos: Curated logos that can be adapted and customized.
  • KDP book covers: Pre-made Kindle Direct Publishing book covers.
  • Niches graphics: Designs targeted to trending and evergreen niches perfect for print-on-demand.

This makes Vexels an invaluable graphic resource and design tool for merch sellers, KDP authors, T-shirt designers, social media managers, bloggers, and other creatives.

With a Vexels subscription, you gain unlimited access to this massive design library along with tools to edit, customize, and create print-ready designs for merch by Amazon, Wix Print-on-demand, Etsy, Zazzle, Redbubble, Spring, Teepublic, Threadless, Society6 and beyond.

We’ll explore the features and offerings of Vexels in more detail later in this review.

But in a nutshell, Vexels aims to make quality design easy and accessible so print-on-demand businesses can create profitable products faster.

Vexels vs. Other Graphic Design Tools: Why Choose Vexels?

When it comes to graphic resources for print-on-demand, Vexels stands out from the crowd. Here’s how it compares to some popular alternatives:

FeatureVexelsCanvaCreative MarketFreepik
Design Library SizeOver 1 million100,000+around 1 million8 million+
Print-on-Demand FocusSpecialized for PODGeneral design toolSome POD graphicsGeneral graphic resource
CustomizationPSD templates to editLimited customizationFully customizablePre-made only
ToolsT-shirt maker, mockup generator, quote generatorBasic editing toolsN/AN/A
Niche SelectionCurated for trending nichesGeneral selectionVaries by designerBroad selection
Affordability$9.99/month reasonably pricedFree version but limitedTend to be more expensiveFree library but can get expensive for commercial use
Is it Done for You?YesNoNoNo
Where To Buy? Try Vexels Here➡️ Try Canva Here➡️ Try Creative Market Here➡️ Try Freepik Here

Key Benefits of Vexels:

  • Huge library of print-on-demand focused vector art, mockups, and design templates.
  • Tools tailored specifically for merchandise and print-on-demand businesses.
  • Affordable compared to other commercial graphic sites.
  • Easy to customize PSD templates for t-shirts, social posts, etc.
  • A curated selection of best-selling niche designs.
  • Option to get custom designs made through design requests.
  • Constantly growing library of trending graphics.

In summary, Vexels offers an unbeatable combination of ready-made print-on-demand graphics, easy customization, and design tools specifically for merch sellers.

For those creating content and products for popular niches like dogs, motivational quotes, or gaming, Vexels has an edge over generic graphic marketplaces.

If you want a constantly growing library of print-ready designs tailored to what sells, Vexels is the clear choice for print-on-demand businesses in 2024.

Vexels Features: A Deep Dive

Vexels packs a powerful punch when it comes to features for print-on-demand businesses. Let’s explore some of the key offerings:

Vexels Premium Graphic Collections

Vexels provides a massive library of over 1 million premium vector graphics, mockups, templates, and more. Some highlights:

  • Merch-ready niches: Trending niche graphics for dogs, motivational quotes, nature, gaming, fitness, etc.
  • Special collections: Curated graphics for holidays, seasons, hobbies, occupations, and more.
  • New additions weekly: Hundreds of new designs are added every week based on rising trends.
  • Print-ready: Vector art and high-res images ideal for print-on-demand products.
  • Easy search: Intuitive search to find graphics by keyword, color, orientation, etc.

Vexels PSD Templates

Fully customizable Photoshop (PSD) templates for t-shirts, social media posts, banners, Flyers, and other creations. Easy to edit and adapt to your brand.

KDP Book Covers

Professionally designed book covers for fiction and non-fiction genres. Optimized for Kindle publishing.

Vexels Vector Graphics

Scalable vector art that won’t lose quality when resized. Essential for print-on-demand products.

In summary, Vexels provides all the design elements you need – from merch-ready graphics to customizable templates and book covers. The expanding library focuses on trending niches so you always have fresh content.

Advanced search filters and an intuitive interface make it easy to find the perfect graphic for your next print-on-demand product in minutes.

Vexels Design Tools: Unleashing Your Creativity

Beyond its massive design library, Vexels also provides a suite of powerful design tools to create stunning graphics and templates.

Vexels Mockup Generator

This tool allows you to showcase your designs on photorealistic product mockups. Bring your t-shirt, mug, and poster designs to life on mockups for free.

Vexels T-Shirt Maker

Design custom t-shirt graphics right within Vexels. Add text, images, and shapes, and customize with hundreds of apparel templates.

Vexels Logo Maker

Create unique logos in just minutes by customizing from a wide selection of icons, fonts, colors, and layouts.

With these tools, Vexels provides everything you need to take a design from concept to finished mockup ready for your print-on-demand products.

More benefits of the Vexels design tools:

  • Requires no advanced design skills to create stunning graphics and mockups.
  • Fully customizable templates for t-shirts, social posts, book covers, etc.
  • Free commercial use of creations made with the design tools.
  • User-friendly editor for easy drag-and-drop editing.
  • Options to save creations as PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG files and more.
  • Constantly adding more templates, fonts, icons, and design assets.

For print-on-demand sellers, this means you can quickly and easily create unique designs tailored to your niche and brand. No more relying solely on pre-made graphics or hiring designers.

So if you want to take more control over your merch designs and creations, be sure to make full use of the Vexels design toolkit.

Vexels Pricing: Plans, Discounts, and Lifetime Subscription

Vexels offers a range of subscription plans to suit different needs and budgets.

Vexels Monthly Subscription Plans

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (25% off)Key Features
Merch$29$261 (~$21.75/month)100 downloads/month, 2 free design requests, basic library and tools
Merch Plus$59$531 (~$44.25/month)2000 downloads/month, 8 free design requests, full library, and tools, 2 VA seats
Merch Ultimate$99$891 (~$74.25/month)Unlimited downloads, 24 free design requests, early access, 4 VA seats, 1 exclusive design request

Merch ($29/month)

  • 100 downloads per month
  • 2 free design requests
  • Basic library access
  • T-shirt maker and other basic tools

Merch Plus ($59/month)

  • 2000 downloads per month
  • 8 free design requests
  • Full library access including PSDs
  • All design tools unlocked
  • 2 VA seats

Merch Ultimate ($99/month)

  • Unlimited downloads
  • 24 free design requests
  • Everything in Merch Plus
  • Early access to new content
  • 4 VA seats
  • 1 free exclusive design request ($140 value)

Annual Subscription Plans

Get 25% off when you pay annually. The most popular is Merch Plus at $531/year (~$44/month).

Lifetime Deals

PlanOne-Time PaymentKey Features
Merch Lifetime Plus$1875Everything in Merch Plus for life
Merch Lifetime Lite$690200 downloads/month, 2 free requests, basic library and tools

Merch Lifetime Plus ($1875 one-time)

Everything in Merch Plus for life. Saving 25% over monthly price.

Merch Lifetime Lite ($690 one-time)

Lite version of lifetime access with 200 downloads and basic library.

Quick recommendations:

  • Merch plan for casual users
  • Merch Plus annual for regular designers and merch sellers
  • Lifetime Plus for long-term access without recurring fees

The Unlimited annual and Lifetime Plus plans offer the best value for serious merch sellers and designers. Casual users can start with a monthly Merch plan.

Choose the plan that aligns with your usage needs and budget. Vexel’s pricing beats competitors for the quality and quantity of designs.

7 Ways To Use Vexels to Make Money 💸

Now that you know the powerful features and offerings of Vexels, let’s look at some tips to make money with Vexels print-on-demand and more:

1. Vexels for TeePublic, Zazzle, Threadless

  • Upload customized t-shirt designs with relevant tags for each marketplace.
  • Use Vexels graphics and mockups to make high-converting listings.
  • Take design requests from customers who want personalization.

➡️ Free Resources:

  1. How to Sell On Teepublic
  2. How to Sell on Zazzle
  3. How to Sell on Threadless

2. Vexels with Society6, Redbubble

  • Create niche collections around wall art, phone cases, stickers, and face masks.
  • Customize templates for different products like throw pillows and leggings.
  • Use mockups to showcase art prints, clocks, duvet covers, etc.

➡️ Free Resources:

  1. How to Sell on Society6
  2. How to Sell on Redbubble

3. Vexels with Shopify + Print on Demand

  • Curate store sections with designs for apparel, art, and accessories.
  • Connect Shopify with Printify, Printful, or Gelato for fulfillment.
  • Use mockups to enrich product page images and descriptions.
  • Take custom design orders for print-on-demand products.

4. Using Vexels for Merch by Amazon

  • Find best-selling niche graphics like quotes, pets, motivational phrases, etc.
  • Customize Merch-ready templates for shirts, mugs, and posters.
  • Use the Mockup generator to create killer merch images.
  • Take advantage of trending holiday designs like Christmas, and Halloween.
  • Use limited Original Merch designs strategically for more visibility.

5. Vexels for T-Shirt Design Businesses

  • Edit T-shirt templates and customize them with the Vexels t-shirt maker.
  • Create collections for different niches like fitness, gaming, and family.
  • Use the Mockup generator to make high-quality listings.
  • Offer personalized custom t-shirt services by taking design requests.

6. Vexels for Book Covers: KDP and Beyond

  • Browse pre-made covers for fiction and non-fiction genres.
  • Customize covers using Big Text to quickly test what sells.
  • Use free Ebook mockups to showcase covers in listings.
  • Scale up with unlimited access to fresh book covers monthly.

7. Bonus: Sell Vexels as Freelance Graphic Designers

  • Browse pre-made designs for T-shirts, KDP, etc
  • Sell it on Upwork or Fiverr or via LinkedIn to your clients

In summary, take advantage of Vexels tools and constantly updated library tailored to merch, apparel, and publishing niches driving print-on-demand profits. This saves time spent finding relevant graphics and creating new designs from scratch.

Follow these tips to make money on POD platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and more using the power of Vexels!

Vexels Licensing: What You Need to Know

Understanding Vexels’ licensing model is important for legally using their graphics in your print-on-demand products. Here are some key things to know:

  • Vexels offers an Extended License that allows commercial use of their graphics.
  • This covers selling print-on-demand products online and in-store.
  • You can use Vexels designs on merch by Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Teespring, etc.
  • The Extended License applies to both edited and unedited Vexels graphics.
  • You can modify colors, and sizes, add text, and combine with other design elements.
  • Credit is not required when using Vexels graphics commercially.
  • The license covers the use of graphics on physical and digital products.
  • You cannot resell or distribute Vexels graphics on their own.
  • The license is valid forever but requires an active Vexels subscription.

In summary, Vexels’ Extended License grants wide commercial use for print-on-demand selling online and offline. You can freely modify and customize graphics without attribution.

This is much more flexible than free graphic sites that restrict commercial applications. Just ensure your subscription stays active to remain compliant with the Vexels license terms.

Review their full license agreement for details. But rest assured, Vexels graphics are 100% cleared for use on merch, apparel, Amazon KDP, Etsy, and other print-on-demand platforms.

Exclusive Offerings: More Than Just Graphics

Beyond its core graphic assets, Vexels provides some unique services and offerings that set it apart:

Design Request Service

Vexels allows customers to submit design requests to their team of graphic artists. You describe the visuals needed and their artists will create custom designs tailored to your needs.

Pricing starts at $29 for basic requests. The most popular is the $59 Merch-ready request for optimized POD graphics. Exclusive requests start at $140.

This on-demand design service lets you get specialized assets made affordably.

Merch Digest Newsletter

Vexels publishes a weekly newsletter highlighting fresh Merch-ready graphics added to the library. This keeps you updated on new trends and niches.

NFT and Vexels: The Future of Digital Art

NFT and Vexels: The Future of Digital Art

Vexels is exploring opportunities to use its library for digital art NFT projects. This will let graphic artists access an enormous collection of vector art to create and sell NFTs in the future.

In summary, Vexels offers exclusive services beyond its core graphic assets. The design request service provides affordable custom graphics on demand. The newsletter and upcoming NFT ecosystem further enhance the platform’s value.

For print-on-demand sellers, it means you have a partner who is focused on innovation in merch and digital graphic design. Vexels is evolving to support creators in new and exciting ways going into 2024 and beyond.

Customer Support: How Good Is It?

Vexels offers responsive customer support through the following channels:

  • Email support: Submit a ticket through their contact form or email Emails are answered within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Live chat: Available during business hours EST. Quick answers to questions about subscriptions, downloads, and design tools.
  • Knowledge Base: Searchable support site with articles covering account issues, licensing, design tools, and more.
  • Active user community: Get tips and feedback from other Vexels users on their social media channels.

Reviews of Vexels customer service are generally positive:

  • A helpful and friendly support team that tries to resolve issues promptly.
  • Detailed responses to questions about licensing, subscriptions, or design tools.
  • Active on social media in answering common user questions.

Potential areas of improvement:

  • No 24/7 live chat support.
  • Could be more proactive in reaching out to users about issues.
  • Support articles could go more in-depth on topics like licensing nuances.

In summary, Vexels provides solid customer support through email, live chat, and their knowledge base. While not perfect, their support is responsive and adequate for addressing most inquiries users may have.

As Vexels expands, 24/7 live chat support would be ideal to provide always-on assistance. However, their current support channels are sufficient for most print-on-demand sellers’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vexels

Here are some common FAQs about using Vexels for print-on-demand:

Can I use Vexels for free?

No, a paid subscription is required to access the Vexels library and design tools. They do not currently offer a free version.

What is the free alternative to Vexels?

Some free sites like Freepik and Pixabay offer graphics but often limit commercial use. Canva has free templates but fewer print-focused options.

Can I use Vexels graphics for commercial products?

Yes, Vexels’ Extended License grants the right to use their designs for print-on-demand and other commercial applications.

Can I sell print-on-demand products on my own website?

Absolutely, Vexels licenses allow you to sell POD items on any website or marketplace. No attribution is required.

Can I upload the same design on different print-on-demand sites?

Yes, you can upload a design created with Vexels to multiple POD sites like Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Teespring, etc.

Does Vexels offer any free trial or plan?

They do not currently have a free trial option. The cheapest access is the $29/month Basic subscription.

For whom is the Vexels lifetime subscription worthwhile?

The lifetime deal offers the best value for long-term users who anticipate needing Vexels for their business indefinitely.

How can I contact Vexels customer support?

You can contact support via email, live chat on their website, or DM them on Twitter @vexels.

What Can’t Vexels designs be used for?

You cannot resell or distribute Vexels graphics as standalone assets. Everything else is permitted under their commercial Extended License.

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

After reviewing all of Vexels offerings for print-on-demand businesses, it’s clear this platform will provide tremendous value in 2024.

The massive and expanding library of over 1 million graphics is an unbeatable asset for merch sellers, apparel designers, publishers, and online marketers.

Having constantly updated, print-ready content for the hottest niches saves endless time designing products from scratch.

Complementing the graphics library, Vexels’ suite of design tools like the T-Shirt Maker and Mockup Generator make it simple for anyone to customize high-quality designs tailored to their brand. The affordable design request service is also a unique way to get specialized assets made on demand.

For print-on-demand entrepreneurs looking to scale up efficiently in 2024, Vexels is an essential graphic resource. It provides everything you need – from merch-ready templates to customizable graphics and niche mockups – for creating best-selling products faster.

The Unlimited annual plan or Lifetime deal offers the best value for serious users who will leverage Vexels regularly. However, the platform is reasonably priced overall and pays for itself in time savings.

In summary, if you read what Vexels users and reviews say, the consensus is clear:

💡 Vexels is a must-have tool for POD sellers wanting access to an ever-expanding library of creative designs.

💡 The license covers wide commercial use of graphics for online and offline sales.

💡 The T-shirt maker, Mockup Generator, and design request service make customization a breeze.

If you’re looking to take your print-on-demand business up a notch in 2024, then empower yourself with a Vexels subscription today. You won’t find a more versatile and affordable graphic resource tailored specifically for merchandise, apparel, and publishing niches driving profits.

Resources To Start Your Print-on-Demand Business

Do you have any personal questions about Vexels or print-on-demand? Feel free to ask me here.

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