Viralstyle Reviews: Fake or Legit?

Viralstyle Reviews

Discover if ViralStyle is a reliable print-on-demand platform for artists and buyers in our in-depth 2024 review, including legitimacy, product quality, and top alternatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • ViralStyle allows artists to sell designs directly to buyers without a middleman.
  • Concerns about legitimacy and quality have been raised, with a Trustpilot rating of 1.7/5.
  • Alternatives like Teepublic offer a better platform for artists.

Is a legitimate platform for selling and buying artist designs in 2024?

While exists as a print-on-demand platform, its legitimacy and service quality are questionable due to numerous negative reviews and concerns about product quality and customer service. Alternatives like Teepublic may offer a better option for artists.

ViralStyle is a popular print-on-demand platform like Redbubble and Zazzle where artists sell their designs to buyers.

Like other POD platforms, there is no middleman between the buyer and creator.

You create the designs and the buyer will buy it if they like it.

In this comprehensive ViralStyle review, I will reveal whether is fake or legit and whether you should sell or buy from the website in 2024.

Ultimately, I will also share some of the best alternatives to for both the creators and the buyers.

For instance below is a list of topics covered in this review.

But before everything let’s discuss the elephant in the room.

Is Real or Fake?

Viralstyle does not seem to be a legit platform…

Oh dear, is looking fishier than yesterday’s tuna salad in the Trustpilot reviews. 👃

This site has a rotten rating of just 1.7 out of 5 stars based on 7,352 unhappy customers. 😱 Some key concerns:

  • Yikes! Fraud Alerts: “Do not go on this website” warns poor Ken Martin, after getting bamboozled on a limited edition order. Sounds shady!
  • Art Thieves Among Us!: David Hinckley hints ViralStyle’s got sticky fingers for designers’ work, while overcharging cards left and right. The audacity!
  • All Social Profiles Are Dead: As I have checked since October 2021 all social media profiles of ViralStyle have not posted anything.

So is ViralStyle legit or nah? Well the site itself exists, but with so many one-star reviews, its service and quality seem sus. 🤨

Approach with caution, and don’t say I didn’t warn you! ViralStyle may go viral one day…for all the wrong reasons. 😬

What is

ViralStyle is a print-on-demand platform where artists create custom designs that get printed on various products and the buyers buy them.

From printing to shipping everything is handled by the ViralStyle team once the order is received.

How Does ViralStyle Works?

Viralstyle is the platform for launching your own ecommerce business, expressing your creativity through product design, and ultimately turning your passions into profits!

1. Create Their Own Products

  • Use the Viralstyle Designer to effortlessly design your own t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, and more
  • Upload your own designs and watch them come to life on high-quality products

2. Sell Products Online

  • Create your own online store through Viralstyle and start selling right away
  • Use powerful e-commerce features like promotion codes, upsells, and cross-sells to boost sales

3. Viralstyle Handles Production & Shipping

  • Once an order comes in, Viralstyle takes care of producing the user’s products and shipping them out to customers
  • Users can sit back while Viralstyle takes care of the logistics!

4. Customer Service

  • Viralstyle has a customer service
  • It claims to handle customer questions, returns, and anything else that comes up

Users can focus on growing their business while Viralstyle provides support but I have told you there support isn’t that good too so you should be cautious if you are willing to buy or sell on Viralstyle.

David Wagland from GB said this about the company…

Think this company is a scam. Took my money, nothing delivered and they have wiped their hands off me as they have done their part in shipping it. No further support or correspondence

So the choice is yours, if you want to sell or buy on Viralstyle or not, if you are willing to sell as an artist try Teepublic.

If you want to learn a step-by-step method to make money with Teepublic, you can read my guide here.

How is the Quality of ViralStyle Products?

When it comes to the quality of products that are being sold by Viralstyle here is some of the customers talking about it.

T-Shirts: A Canvas of Disappointment

  1. The Blurry Mascot Saga: Judi Alderson received her alumni t-shirt and hoody, only to find the mascot image as blurry as a Monet painting—except this was no artistic choice. She described it as if it was done by a “drunk blind man.”
  2. The Case of the Missing Graphic: Bill E. Bob ordered four limited edition t-shirts. What he got were graphics that “suck canal water,” with colors bleeding into each other, making the images a mere blur.
  3. The Fading Act: Denise Thompson loved her shirt at first sight, but after the first wash, the design faded terribly. Even the replacement shirt had issues with the print completely fading away after a wash.
  4. The Wonky Iron-On: Joan Martin ordered a limited edition Seahawk championship t-shirt but received a t-shirt with a wonky iron-on design. Portions of the printed material got transferred onto the t-shirt.

The Grandfather Pendant That Never Was

Gary Bunch, a hopeful customer, ordered a grandfather pendant for Christmas. Ah, the joy of gifting something special! But alas, the pendant never arrived.

Despite multiple emails to the company, all he received were “nothing but lies and now no response.” It’s like waiting for a shooting star that never graces the sky. {Do not buy anything from them they are…}

Although, these reviews are not recent but as the Viralstyle has completely stopped posting on the social media, I can conclude that there is no point of selling or buying from it in 2023.

I recommend selling your artwork on Teepublic which has a better quality, engaging and growing audience for your needs.

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